Estate Plans Should Account for Digital Assets

Whether it’s through social media, online bank accounts, PayPal or email, today many people are storing their personal information and finances online. When an individual passes away, his or her online accounts will continue to remain active. For this reason, it is important to account for digital assets in an estate plan. By defining what assets an individual owns and how to access them, a person will ensure that their loved ones can access online accounts that may have sentimental, financial, or practical value. Additionally, making these accounts available to beneficiaries after death can prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, resulting in fraud or hacking.

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Social Media and Texts as Evidence

Typically, a victim in a Domestic Violence matter wants to introduce threatening texts or facebook posts. They bring no documentary evidence with them, only it is on the person’s cell phone. In New Jersey, the permanent restraining order date is set for 10 days after the entry of the temporary restraining order.   What is a Judge supposed to do.   Have the victim read the material on the cell phone.

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